Marina di Olbia is located in Italy, on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, precisely on the southern side of the Bay of Olbia, in front of the Ferry Terminal of Isola Bianca.
Approaching the Marina, after navigating the entire access channel, you will see the passenger ferries in front of you. Here the channel divides into two, keep on the south side of the channel and leave the passenger ferries on your starboard side. From this position the entrance to the Marina is clearly visible and recognisable thanks to the Port Direction turret and the refuelling dock.

A large yellow sign at the entrance of the Marina indicates the channel for radio communications VHF CHANNEL 9.

Before you access the Marina you always need to call via radio and wait for instructions before the arrival of the line handlers who will guide you to your assigned berth and provide mooring assistance.

These are the coordinates:

LAT. 40° 55’ 018’’ N
LONG. 9° 31’ 435’’ E

Arrival declaration, we suggest you fill in and email the ‘Arrival declaration‘ form to